What do you think about Smartphones?

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What do you think about “Smartphones?



Smartphones are the most popular devices in India. They’re affordable, they have long battery life, and they offer amazing features like dual rear cameras. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most popular models now on the market.

India’s most popular smartphone models:

Micromax is-

Smartphones with long battery life you can buy in India right now

If you are looking for a smartphone with long battery life, then here is our list.

The Micromax IN Note 2 and Micromax In Note1 are now the two most popular smartphones in India. These smartphones have an amazing battery life as well as high-quality design and performance. Although these phones can’t match the performance of high-end devices they still work well enough for most people who don’t need anything more than basic functionality from their phones. Below are some of the best smartphones available today:


  • The Micromax in note 1 stands out with excellent specifications including 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB internal storage space along with its unique fore camera setup on the backside (48MP(Primary) + 5MP (Wide-angle)+ 2MP(Depth) +2mp(Macro). This device also comes with fast charging support so that you can get up to 8 hours of talk time after only 30 minutes of charge time!


  • Micromax in2c is a value-for-money phone with nifty features. It has a wide range of colors and options to choose from. It is a compact and compact phone packing all the features which are deemed to be essential for most users. Micromax in2c is a single SIM smartphone (talk, message, web, app, music) with 4.7 inches IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors screen, 480 x 800 pixels screen resolution, and 480 x 320 pixels screen resolution. It has a 5MP secondary camera with autofocus and HDR and an 8 MP primary camera with LED flash. This phone has Wi-Fi, Accelerometer and proximity sensor, etc. Other features include Google Play Store, FM radio, and others.


  • Micromax is a leading manufacturer of mobile phones in India. They also dominate the market for entry-level jobs. They now have a unique chance to offer premium goods at a very competitive price. They have been able to achieve this by adopting new technology, keeping the prices down, and providing world-class customer support which is available through their 24×7 service center which sends service engineers to your location. In the past two years, Micromax has been able to sell over 20 million handsets. Micromax has been able to achieve this by selling world-class quality products at affordable prices. The products they sell are known for their durability, reliability, and affordability.


Android Q to bring dark mode to all apps – including third-party ones; will it come on all phones? 

All apps on Android Q, including those developed by third parties, will support dark mode. Does it work with all phones?

Dark mode, or black text and backgrounds in apps, is something we’ve seen a lot of over the past few years. As more people use smartphones for work purposes and media consumption (instead of just calling people), employing dark themes has become common practice. Now that Android Q supports it in its default settings, you can expect more people using them too!


The most popular Smartphones in India.

There are plenty of smartphones to choose from in India. The most well-known brands include Micromax, Xiaomi, Vivo, and others. These phones have long battery life, and you can buy them right now.

If you want a smartphone with a good camera for Rs 12000 then Micromax is the one for you because it has amazing cameras on all its models including this one which we reviewed here. You can also check out our other best smartphones under Rs 12000 list below:


 So what makes a smartphone smart?

A phone with a good battery life that can last an entire day, coupled with a processor that can handle a lot of apps and a good enough amount of RAM to support all of them. A phone with a great camera, both in terms of the lens used and the sensor that captures it, a phone that boots up quickly and can launch the apps you use the most in a single tap. A phone that can show you notifications from the apps you want to see and that can support multiple languages natively. 

A phone that you may hold without fear of it slipping from your hands, a phone that you may use without worrying as you spend hours playing games or watching videos. These are some of the things that make a phone smart, and we’ve selected 5 phones that have all of these and more.


How to choose an Android smartphone?

Picking a Smartphone can be very confusing for a first-time buyer, there are numerous brands, features, and specifications that make it difficult for one to pick the right one. So with that in mind, here are some of the most crucial factors to take into account when purchasing a smartphone.


Why does screen size matter?

The size of a smartphone screen is important to a lot of people. To some, it’s a sign of prestige, while to others, it’s a signal of power. Of course, some users want as big of a screen as possible, and others just want something small enough to easily fit in a pocket, purse, or handbag. If you’ve ever held an iPhone 6 Plus in one hand and a Galaxy S6 in the other, you know how different the two phones feel. And how they feel can have a huge impact on how they use the phone.


How to use your Smartphone?

The use of smartphones has been increasing rapidly throughout the world, and India has not been immune to this trend. The cost of smartphones has fallen as their quality has improved at the same time. Many people, especially those living in India, are able to buy a smartphone that is 100 times better than the one they had just a few years ago. So, how do you use your smartphone? What should you use it for? What are the best apps to use? And which phone should you buy?


How Smartphones are Useful.

Our lives now cannot function without smartphones. Be it checking emails, booking cabs, ordering food, or just having fun, smartphones have everything covered. Just like every other technology, smartphones have evolved and are continuing to evolve, making them more powerful and useful. And with the latest version of Android, new features added and the new age apps, smartphones have become more powerful and useful than ever. But is there a way to tell which smartphone is the best? Which smartphone is the most powerful? Which smartphone gives the best value for the money? 



The way we conduct business and communicate with others has been entirely transformed by smartphones. They offer a range of different ways to keep in touch with other people, and you can do so many things with them. We hope this blog post has been able to show you some of the best ways to use your smartphone for business. If you have any questions about this, or about anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email, phone, or social media. We’re always happy to help!

With so many models available, we hope this guide has helped you to make a better decision about which smartphone to buy.  

Always keep in mind that the greatest method to determine what is best for you is to experience it firsthand! If nothing else, take our advice on which brands are reliable and trustworthy – and make sure that they offer good service as well.




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